Some of Our Favorites —


Orange Yuzu

A Natural Hibiscus, Tea infused with Citrus Flavors


L.A. Dirt

Our House Special Milk Tea Layered with Sea Salt Cream and Topped with Cookie Crumble 


Horchata Milk Tea 

Cinnamon flavored rice mix combined w/ organic milk and Black Tea

Frosted Milk w/ Boba and Pudding

An Ice Milk Blended Drink laced with your choice of original brown sugar, caramel, or matcha






Blended Mango Slush Topped with Authentic Mexican Spices 


Watermelon Mint Green Tea

A Blend of Fresh Watermelon, Mint, and Our House Green Tea


Blooming Blossom

Artistically made with delicate flowers and silver needle white teas, this drink offers a beautiful experience with a satisfying taste

Wild Lavender 

Organic Lavender Flower, Sweetened with Honey


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